Extrovert Media is a team of storytellers that tell engaging narratives through film and media. We combine an intense love for film, design and technology with your business and businesses goals and in the end it leaves us with something we can all be proud of.


We are a multi-skilled, award-winning creative production company who help channels, companies, agencies and organisations tell their stories and connect with their audiences in short form content. We specialize in short films, commercials, entertainment and informative short from for all digital platform consumption.


We help brands tell stories through the medium of film. Whether these stories are delivered in the form of a commercial TV message or through branded content on Youtube, the key is to create a compelling and engaging narrative, executed to very high production standards, regardless of budget.


For education and training videos our team has over 20 years of experience providing guidance in structuring educational content for corporate, non-profit and public interest applications.